this website is so toxic 

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride

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y’all talk about the best SQ moments but legit




because you can see it on Regina’s face as she puts the pieces together.

  • this trigger can’t be stopped
  • true love can stop any - 
  • OH
  • WAIT
  • OH

BOTH their faces

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"I’m extremely stern.” [x]

"I’m extremely stern.” [x]

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To the anon asking about Instagram- if we are mutual follows here on Tumblr and we have talked before or interact in someway I would probably share my instagram with you! I’m not gonna post it though.

Once Upon a Time has so much backlogged plot that they could literally make all of season 4 just sit-down, conversational character development moments and they’d probably get better ratings and a long sigh of relief from the fans.

My fav singer just liked my pic of her on instagram and responded with a bunch of kissy face smiley emoticons is it appropriate for me to propose to her??????

Snow telling Regina that, “her heart will find its way to happiness.” I hope this is foreshadowing that Emma will somehow end up being the one to get Regina’s heart back bow chicka wow wow.